How to Sneak Your Liquor Into any Football Game - Save Your Hard Earned Cash

How to Sneak Your Liquor Into any Football Game - Save Your Hard Earned Cash


Football games are thrilling experiences, combining the excitement of the sport with the communal joy of being a fan. However, one aspect that often dampens spirits is the exorbitant price of drinks at stadiums. With a bottle of water costing a small fortune and alcoholic beverages even more, it's no wonder fans are looking for alternative ways to enjoy a drink while watching their favorite team.

The Cost of Drinks at Football Games

At most stadiums, you can expect to pay a premium for drinks. A beer can cost significantly more than at your local bar, and the prices for cocktails or spirits are often even steeper. This high cost can be a real issue for fans who want to enjoy a game without blowing their budget.

Introducing Hidden Flasks

This is where hidden flasks come into play. These discreet containers offer a way to bring your favorite beverages into the game without attracting attention. With designs ranging from inconspicuous water bottles to cleverly disguised pouches, these flasks can help you avoid the high prices of stadium drinks.

Gliding Through Security

One of the biggest challenges of bringing your own drinks is getting past security, especially with the increasing use of metal detectors at stadium entrances. Fortunately, many hidden flasks are designed with non-metallic materials, allowing you to glide through security without setting off alarms.

Hidden Flasks You Can Use to Sneak Your Liquor Into Football Games

There are several secret flasks you can use to help you sneak your favorite drinks into the stadium. Let's take a look at our top 3: 

Tampon Flask

Perfect for those who prefer light packing and subtlety, our Tampon Flask is a brilliant way to bring your favorite spirits into the stadium. While it holds a modest amount (1 shot per 'tampon', totaling 5 shots), it's incredibly discreet, easily slipping into your toiletry bag or purse. 

Tampon Flask Unboxing

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Umbrella Flask

Our Umbrella Flask offers a clever twist for stadium bound trips. While it may seem unusual to pack an umbrella for a hot climate, this product doubles as a sunshade, making it a plausible accessory for protecting yourself from the heat. Holding 9 Oz, it's perfect for a casual drink at half time. It's a practical, dual-purpose item that won't draw suspicion and adds a touch of ingenuity to your game day experience.

Umbrella Flask unboxing

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Boozey Bladder

The Boozey Bladder is your go-to for maximum capacity and convenience on a football trip. With a 1L capability, it's designed for those longer match days and group gatherings. Wear it comfortably around your waist, and enjoy easy access to your drinks all day. Its discreet design ensures it blends seamlessly under clothing, making it the ideal choice for those who value both volume and discretion on their match day adventure.

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How Much Will You Save?

In a stadium, buying drinks can be up to 6x more expensive than bringing your own. With Secret Flasks, that $60 bar tab could become a mere $10. Over the course of a game, the savings add up, giving you more to spend on life. Think about it: what could you do with all that extra cash?


Q: Is it legal to bring my own alcohol to football games?

A: The legality of bringing alcohol into sports stadiums varies by location and the specific rules of the stadium. Generally, most stadiums prohibit outside alcohol, so it's essential to be aware of and follow these regulations.

Q: What types of hidden flasks are best for football games?

A: Flasks made from non-metallic materials are ideal for football games, especially if the stadium uses metal detectors. Look for plastic or silicone flasks that can be easily concealed in your clothing or bag.

Q: How can I keep my drinks cool during the game?

A: To keep your drinks cool, consider using an insulated flask or packing a small, soft-sided cooler if the stadium allows it. You can also freeze a drink in a plastic flask, so it slowly thaws and stays cold throughout the game.

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