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How To Sneak Liquor Into a Baseball Game

How To Sneak Liquor Into a Baseball Game


Alcohol at events can be pricey, and waiting in long lines for a drink eats into your fun time. But there's a clever solution - hidden flasks. In this guide, we'll show you how to discreetly bring your favorite liquor into baseball games, cut costs, and skip the queues.

Won't I Get Caught?

With heightened security at events, the risk of getting caught while trying to sneak in alcohol is a valid concern. Venues today are equipped with tons of security measures, making it increasingly challenging to bring in your own drinks undetected. That's where the need for specialized, bespoke-built hidden flasks comes into play. Using just any flask won't cut it anymore; you need something specifically designed to evade detection. This is where Secret Flasks shine. Secret Flasks are crafted with the utmost care to ensure they blend seamlessly with your everyday items, making them virtually undetectable by security. Now, let's delve into some hidden flask options that offer you both discretion and style.


The Umbrella Flask 8.5 Oz Capacity

Carry 8 Oz of your preferred liquor undetected with the Umbrella Flask. Designed to look like a regular umbrella, it's your secret weapon against high-priced drinks. At a baseball game, this umbrella flask is more than a rain accessory; it's your ticket to discreet, affordable enjoyment. So step out in style, and let the Secret Umbrella Flask keep both the rain and high drink prices at bay. 

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The Tampon Flask: 5 Shot Capacity

Tampon flask

Meet the ingenious Tampon Flask. These discreet, test tube-sized flasks resemble ordinary tampons, making them the perfect stealthy companion. Each 'tampon' holds a shot, ensuring you have your liquor handy without the exorbitant cost. Goodbye, expensive bar tabs; hello, budget-friendly fun at the game.


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The Boozey Bladder - 32 Oz Capacity

Introducing the Boozey Bladder, the champion of covert enjoyment. This unique waist-worn flask holds a generous 32 Oz of your chosen beverage. The Boozey Bladder is the ultimate way to stay supplied without the constant worry of running out or paying stadium prices. Opt for capacity, comfort, and cost-saving with this ingenious solution.

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How Much Could You Save? 

Imagine this: buying drinks at an event can cost you six times more than bringing your own. That's right, using a hidden flask like our Tampon Flask, Umbrella Flask, or Boozey Bladder can be up to 6x cheaper than purchasing alcohol at a stadium or event venue. With our discreet flasks, you're not just sneaking in your favorite liquor; you're also smuggling in significant savings.

Let's break it down. If you spend $60 on drinks at a game, that's potentially $10 you could have spent using a Secret Flask. Now, multiply that by the number of events you attend a year. The savings are staggering!

What would you do with that extra cash? Maybe you'd buy better seats at the game, upgrade your wardrobe, or even save for that dream vacation. The possibilities are endless when you're not overspending on drinks.

With Secret Flasks, you're choosing more than just a convenient way to carry your liquor; you're opting for smart, substantial savings. So next time you're planning to attend a game or an event, remember: your Secret Flask isn't just a tool for enjoyment; it's a key to unlocking extra cash for the things you truly love.



Can Hidden Flasks Get Through Metal Detectors?  

When heading to events with metal detectors, you might worry about being caught with a flask. But fear not! All our flasks – the Tampon Flask, Umbrella Flask, and Boozey Bladder – are designed to be metal-free. This means they effortlessly pass through metal detectors without setting off any alarms. We've thoughtfully crafted each flask to ensure they're event-friendly, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy your favorite events.

What If I Get Caught?

We understand that the thought of getting caught can be daunting. But here's the deal: in the unlikely event that you're caught with one of our flasks, it's most often a minor hiccup. Statistics show that 90% of the time, the worst-case scenario is simply the confiscation of your flask and alcohol. Event staff are typically more concerned with maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment than penalizing patrons for trying to sneak in a drink.

If you do find yourself in this situation, we recommend cooperating with event staff. Remember, our flasks are designed to be discreet, but as with all things, there's always a small risk. It's about weighing the convenience and savings against this minor possibility.

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