Navigating Wide Open Space Festival: How Much Alcohol Can I Bring in?

Navigating Wide Open Space Festival: How Much Alcohol Can I Bring in?


Heading to Wide Open Space Festival and worried about the hefty drink prices? Join the club. This festival is an oasis of music and art, but the cost of a simple drink can put a damper on your spirits. Before we explore cost-effective ways to keep your festival buzz going, it's important to get a handle on the festival's alcohol policy and how you can work within it for a more enjoyable experience.

Understanding the Drink Prices at Wide Open Space

At Wide Open Space Festival, indulging in a refreshing beer or a crafted cocktail is almost a ritual. But be prepared: these beverages come with a price that might make you think twice. Plus, queuing up means missing out on some of the festival's best moments.

The Festival's Alcohol Policy

Every festival, including Wide Open Space, has its own set of rules regarding alcohol. Generally, you're allowed to bring a certain amount for personal consumption, but this is closely monitored. Knowing these limits is key to planning your festival experience.

Stretching Your Alcohol Limit

Wondering how to enjoy more drinks without the hefty price tag? Secret Flasks are your answer. These clever, discreet flasks allow you to carry your favorite drinks, bypassing high festival prices.

Secret Flasks – Your Festival Game-Changer

Tampon Flask

These nifty flasks are disguised as tampons, each holding one shot, amounting to a total of 5 shots. They're your perfect partner for stealthy sipping.

Tampon Flask Unboxing

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Umbrella Flask

Our umbrella flask, holding 0.25L, is the epitome of incognito drinking. It’s a fashionable yet functional accessory. 

Umbrella Flask unboxing

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Boozey Bladder

If you’re in for the long haul, our 1L Boozey Bladder, worn around the waist, is the ideal choice. It’s discreet, easy to carry, and great for sharing.

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Equip yourself with Secret Flasks and enjoy Wide Open Space Festival to the fullest, all while keeping your budget in check. And always remember: drink responsibly and enjoy the festival safely!

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