Mastering ULTRA Festival Australia: How Much Alcohol Can I Bring in?

Mastering ULTRA Festival Australia: How Much Alcohol Can I Bring in?


Preparing for ULTRA Festival Australia and concerned about the high cost of drinks? You're not alone. This iconic festival is known for its electrifying atmosphere and top-tier music, but the drink prices can be quite steep. Before we dive into savvy ways to enjoy your festival experience with a drink in hand, let's first understand ULTRA Festival's alcohol policy and how you can navigate it to your advantage.

Drink Costs at ULTRA Festival Australia

At Splendour In The Grass, enjoying a drink is part of the whole festival vibe. However, prepare for the shock when you see the price tag attached to that cold beer or fancy cocktail. And it's not just about the money; the time spent queuing for a drink is time away from the music and fun.

ULTRA Festival's Alcohol Policy

It's crucial to know the alcohol policy at ULTRA Festival Australia. Typically, festivals allow a certain amount of alcohol per person for personal use, but this is strictly regulated. Being aware of these rules is essential for a hassle-free festival experience.

Stretching Your Alcohol Limit

How can you maximize your alcohol enjoyment within the festival's guidelines? Enter the world of Secret Flasks. These discreet and innovative solutions allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks without the overpriced festival costs.

Secret Flasks – Your Festival Game-Changer

Tampon Flask

These nifty flasks are disguised as tampons, each holding one shot, amounting to a total of 5 shots. They're your perfect partner for stealthy sipping.

Tampon Flask Unboxing

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Umbrella Flask

Our umbrella flask, holding 0.25L, is the epitome of incognito drinking. It’s a fashionable yet functional accessory. 

Umbrella Flask unboxing

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Boozey Bladder

If you’re in for the long haul, our 1L Boozey Bladder, worn around the waist, is the ideal choice. It’s discreet, easy to carry, and great for sharing.

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With our Secret Flasks, you can make your ULTRA Festival Australia experience unforgettable and more affordable. Enjoy your festival to the fullest, and remember, always drink responsibly!

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